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Hangry November 11, 2020 Disappointed

Richard Johnson, who I was very impressed with recently, is helping to develop inhibitors of fructose metabolism. I wonder why we would not simple stop ingesting so much fructose. Journal of Internal Medicine “Fructose metabolism as a common evolutionary pathway of survival associated with climate change, food shortage and droughts” R. J. Johnson  P. Stenvinkel Continue reading “Hangry November 11, 2020 Disappointed”

Hangry October 31 2020 Is sugar messing with our minds?

I’ve found a news story and an abstract for the article “Fructose and uric acid as drivers of a hyperactive foraging response: A clue to behavioral disorders associated with impulsivity or mania?” Richard Johnson et al, in the October 1, 2020 issue of Evolution and Human Behaviour say, “Recent studies show that fructose is aContinue reading “Hangry October 31 2020 Is sugar messing with our minds?”

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