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Hangry September 7, 2020 Cooking for 2

When I was younger, I lived by myself, then got a cat. Actually, I had several room-mates in between, until I realized that when the roommate’s boyfriend called in sick, and stayed at our place, that he actually lived there. The two of them would get married or engaged, or move out together, but anyway,Continue reading “Hangry September 7, 2020 Cooking for 2”

Hangry August 31, 2020 Health claims questioned

Acai berries are in the news again. Yesterday, CTV news reporter Avis Favaro told us “Canadian clinical trial looks to acai berries in hopes of preventing severe cases of COVID-19.” The health food store clerk and I discussed this as I bought my “Organic Traditions Acai Berry Powder,” in the hopes it would help meContinue reading “Hangry August 31, 2020 Health claims questioned”

Hangry August 23, 2020 Extremely tiny livestock

In about grade five or six, my son’s class raised mealworms to the beetle stage. They held Field-Day-style races and learned how to feed and care for these very tiny livestock. According to Cindy Quarters, “They will eat oatmeal, cornmeal and other grains crushed into meal such as wheat and milo. In the wild, theyContinue reading “Hangry August 23, 2020 Extremely tiny livestock”

Hangry August 17, 2020 Nutrient-dense, humanely-raised

Regenerative Agriculture has been in the news a lot lately. “The World Food Prize winner says soil should have rights. Soil scientist Dr. Rattan Lal digs deep into the power of soil to sequester carbon, mitigate climate change, and the need for a Clean Soil Act,” by Virginia Gewin, July 16, 2020. “ ‘Biggest LittleContinue reading “Hangry August 17, 2020 Nutrient-dense, humanely-raised”

Obituary (Susanna) June Menzies

May 5, 1925 – August 10, 2020 June was born in Arcola, Saskatchewan and her family Hi (Harold) and Bill (Bertha) Green and their six children moved to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Later, the Member of Parliament (John Diefenbaker) encouraged Hi to move to Saskatoon so his children could attend good high schools and the University.Continue reading “Obituary (Susanna) June Menzies”

Hangry August 3, 2020 Protein and pressure sores

My 95-year-old mother-in-law lives with us, and was very independent until March. Then she started weakening, having trouble getting up from a chair and walking, started speaking word salad. Just in the past few weeks, she is sleeping all night and all day, with very little speech and eating less and less. We got herContinue reading “Hangry August 3, 2020 Protein and pressure sores”

Hangry July 27, 2020 Beets cure what ails ya

On Thursday, I wrote on my list of things to do “Fix institutional food,” complete with a little square box to check. My butcher shop has started selling locally grown produce, including fresh beets.  I bought some and dreaded peeling them – but I found a recipe that avoids peeling until after they’re roasted, whenContinue reading “Hangry July 27, 2020 Beets cure what ails ya”

Crows are Cool

Kaeli Swift, my new best friend introduces herself (at “I’m Kaeli Swift, Ph.D. Since I was a kid I’ve loved wildlife—especially birds—and asking questions about animal behavior and cognition. While an undergrad at Willamette University (2005-2009), I discovered that crows and other corvids offered the perfect marriage of these interests, and I have beenContinue reading “Crows are Cool”

Hangry July 13, 2020 Already known: Diabetes increases the risk of developing dementia

I joined a Dementia Caregiver support group on Facebook. My 95-year-old mother-in-law lives with us and sometimes exhibits word salad, has trouble getting up from a chair (dehydration! Water cures it) and other stressors. It’s a great group, very friendly and helpful and a good place to rant and vent. A few days a go,Continue reading “Hangry July 13, 2020 Already known: Diabetes increases the risk of developing dementia”