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Grow Sir (south) on Main Street in Steinbach, was a beautiful A-frame with tall glass windows on the front and lovely shingles towering over the parking lot. It mirrored two churches on the south and north end of Kroeker Street, a place to worship commerce and convenience.

The price of lumber

Alrighty then, the price of lumber and other building products has skyrocketed lately. Demand has risen with work-from-home folks renovating their home office, building a shed, fixing their deck. They are saving money by not commuting or leisure travelling, stuck at home. Supply is choked as some mills closed due to the pandemic, and can’tContinue reading “The price of lumber”

Hangry November 11, 2020 Disappointed

Richard Johnson, who I was very impressed with recently, is helping to develop inhibitors of fructose metabolism. I wonder why we would not simple stop ingesting so much fructose. Journal of Internal Medicine “Fructose metabolism as a common evolutionary pathway of survival associated with climate change, food shortage and droughts” R. J. Johnson  P. Stenvinkel Continue reading “Hangry November 11, 2020 Disappointed”

Hangry October 31 2020 Is sugar messing with our minds?

I’ve found a news story and an abstract for the article “Fructose and uric acid as drivers of a hyperactive foraging response: A clue to behavioral disorders associated with impulsivity or mania?” Richard Johnson et al, in the October 1, 2020 issue of Evolution and Human Behaviour say, “Recent studies show that fructose is aContinue reading “Hangry October 31 2020 Is sugar messing with our minds?”

Hangry October 18, 2020 Okinawa Diet in the neighbourhood

“The focus should instead be on the way in which people engage with food, society and culture to maintain a healthy body and mind.” [“Blue Zones” are locations where it is not uncommon to live a long, healthy life to 100 years of age or beyond.] The Okinawa diet is getting attention in both theContinue reading “Hangry October 18, 2020 Okinawa Diet in the neighbourhood”

Hangry October 4, 2020 Fast food bread is a confectionary?

Subway bread is not bread, an Irish court has ruled: there’s too much sugar in it, so it is a confectionary, and therefore subject to a VAT tax. Mike Walsh wrote a few days ago, “The legal distinction between ‘bread’ and ‘not bread’ would have given Subway a tax break because bread is classified asContinue reading “Hangry October 4, 2020 Fast food bread is a confectionary?”

Hangry September 27, 2020 “Industrial pizza” and other oven foods

We used to enjoy buying, preparing and eating what we called oven foods. Instructions: preheat oven, use scissors to remove cardboard and plastic packaging, place in oven and go watch TV or read a magazine, allow to cool, serve. Fernanda Rauber et al describe oven foods this way: “Ultra-processed foods, as defined by the NOVAContinue reading “Hangry September 27, 2020 “Industrial pizza” and other oven foods”

Hangry September 21, 2020 Quercetin foods

“What, you’re coming here to give me some random pills that I’m just supposed to start taking?” my son asked.  He has asthma and allergies. I spelled it out for him and told him to look at Pubmed and Google Scholar. I gave him the pills and he wanted to know any restrictions. I lookedContinue reading “Hangry September 21, 2020 Quercetin foods”

Hangry September 13,2020 Mushroom Day

Yesterday was a very mushroomy day. In the morning, we went to the Farmers Market and bought local wild mushrooms: Lobster, Cauliflower, and I think Morels. Delicious simply sautéed in butter. Then we bought Chaga mushroom, a topical skin care tincture with aloe vera and tea tree oil, I am hoping it will help myContinue reading “Hangry September 13,2020 Mushroom Day”