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Hangry March 21, 2020 How we hoard here

On the day Trump got elected, my hubby started a Trump Box and gradually filled up our cellar with bottled water and canned goods. Now that COVID-19 is scaring us here in my northern town, we see that Toilet Paper is the mainstay of Panic Shoppers.

The following are excerpts from social media.

March 14

Terrace succumbing to media induced panic buying. Ridiculous! TP and Rice, what else ya’ll going to hoard?

March 15

My husband and I are Elders and we were out shopping at Wholesale on Saturday afternoon, it was sad to see the empty shelves. What made us feel even sadder was seniors coming in with their baskets, looking around, stuff they needed were gone. Felt so bad for them, putting their baskets back and walking out of the store. Please people take what you need and leave the rest!

March 16

Went to buy flour but it was all gone!

Yup pasta and rice were gone.

March 18

It’s not a good thing when half of us can’t get toilet paper, rice, noodles, flour, hand sanitizer, basic things because people are hoarding them! I can’t find toilet paper everyday and soon I won’t have any!

March 19

Just a warning to those families expecting to do a huge shop as you normally do on child tax day, like myself and haven’t been able to, specific food like meat, potatoes, boxed pizza etc., is now being limited to 1 item per person Save on had started it and most likely all stores will follow suit. We know why this is happening now.

Fam of ten here I have 8 kids and I’m having a hard time getting meats when I go check stores all the meats are gone I’m just praying for a miracle right now this sux but trying keep my chin up n believe this will pass quickly.

Just came from Safeway. Low on fresh produce like potatoes, cabbage, carrots, head lettuce, onions, lemons, salad fixings. But lots of TP. And low on bread

March 20

Save on foods, lil meat left n there’s no eggs left other then those small lil ones in the corner.

The meat guy told me I had to put one of my chicken packs back, when all I had was 1 pk chicken thighs, 2 pk chicken breasts. He said we are only allowed one of each. First time I’m able to get anything. Shelves were so bare. Superstore meats was wiped right out too.

I went for my normal every 4 month grocery shop. I live out of town and only do a mega shop every few months. I only got a few things as i did not want to be seen as “that” person … even then i felt like a person hoarding … could not get any meat as the place was cleaned out and the only pack of meat on the shelf was $50 for 2 steaks !!!!!

I went to Walmart last night and at that time the only areas wiped out were meats, potatoes were gone and canned goods were low. I was surprised to see the milk section full and the freezer sections had quite a bit left. Lots of sandwich meats , hot dogs and bacon. And the funniest thing to me was how full the produce section was when healthy foods is what we should be eating right now!!

Go first thing in the morning when everything is freshly stocked. Otherwise the meat section and I think bread runs out. And toilet paper, but fresh fruits and vegetables are full up and most other section. Might have to look for stuff like potatoes, but trucks are always coming in. Check Superstore too.

They are doing a great job at restocking at Wholesale. We went tonight at 6pm and we got everything we needed except toilet paper, rice and diapers.

I tried to get yeast to use my bread maker couldn’t find any, yet another lady had 4 jars in her cart. I would have only taken 1, no matter what…

March 21, 2020

It took me 4 days to find flour.

I load up monthly for household of 7 sometimes 9 and yesterday was just awful shopping couldn’t get usual stuff needed.

(The photo is from a local supermarket this afternoon – no paper towels, no TP.)


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