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Hangry May 3 2020. The Newish Normal

1. Cancel Culture. Do you recall, a few months ago, when people were talking about “Cancel Culture,” wherein politically incorrect or controversial speakers were cancelled at North American universities and colleges?  Hello folks, THIS is Cancel Culture, where meetings, conferences, career fairs and K – U in-person classes are cancelled.

2. “Shut Down Canada” was a slogan of Gitxsan Wet’suwet’en and their supporters regarding the pipeline in northern BC way back in January. THIS is how we Shut Down Canada during the COVID-19 virus.

3. It’s raining nicely.

For the past couple of decades, I have made a living promoting and organizing group events.

In the 80s, I specialized in reunions and anniversaries, finding the past Chairpersons of the Manitoba Action Committee on the Status on Women. In the 90s, I promoted and lead workshops for Women in Non-traditional Trades. Later I promoted and taught workshops for Displaced Forestry Workers, then promoted and taught hands-on trades training at Colleges, and recently corralled volunteers for large free dinners at a community centre (that I promoted to gather participants).

Most recently I have promoted, planned, taught and/or attended employment training workshops, inter-agency meetings, service providers gatherings, and small and large career fairs, all cancelled as of March 13, 2020.

I like talking to people, planning the events, designing posters, handing them out in person all over town, leading or attending the events, and writing a report later. All cancelled. Alrighty then.

My hubby has been a private pilot, an airline pilot, airline co-owner, and most recently an airline consultant who provides training and PPCs (Pilot Proficiency Checks) for several airlines. On March 15, he had 3 PPCs booked for three different airlines. All were cancelled March 16 by 11 am.  All those airline staffers laid off, and Transport Canada saying PPCs were extended. Alrighty then.

What was terribly important and needed right away … not so much.

Five years ago, we built an addition onto our house for my MIL, who will be 95 on Monday, so neither of us should really take an essential job.  Anyway, she cannot learn to sneeze into her elbow.

What brings me great pleasure these days is the wildlife. The crow family who raised their chicks in our backyard are back.  (They came back to the area we fed them last year, Mrs and Mr Joe Crow, seeking food where we left the scraps last year) and the Russian Blue feral cat now stands a few feet away (instead of 15) to say, “Hey humans, where’s my kibble?”

And it is raining nicely.


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