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Hangry June 22, 2020 Seed oils are a major contributor to Diseases of Civilization

I just watched Dr. Chris Knobbe’s presentation, “Diseases of Civilization: Are Seed Oil Excesses the Unifying Mechanism?” available on Youtube as of today, June 22, 2020.

Low Carb Down Under says, “Dr. Knobbe’s research efforts and revolutionary hypothesis for the nutritional basis of AMD [Age-related Macular Degeneration] have resulted in a published scientific paper, a book – Ancestral Dietary Strategy to Prevent and Treat Macular Degeneration – a website,, and a second book currently in the making. Knobbe’s current research focuses substantially on omega-6 seed oil consumption as a major unifying driver of the chronic degenerative diseases of civilization, including AMD.”

Like dentists amazed at the healthy teeth of people who ate a traditional diet well into the modern era, Knobbe saw no to little AMD in similar populations.

My mother-in-law (95 years old) was diagnosed with AMD a few years ago; she gets Clockwork Orange-type injections once a month, which slows its progress.

When she moved into her condo a few blocks from our house, she was doing her own grocery shopping and cooking. She liked to microwave Simply Steamers for supper: a pile of starch (rice or noodles) covered with a sugary sauce and some veg and/or meat with polyunsaturated fat. She also enjoyed ultra-processed foods like breakfast cereal and frozen waffles with “vegetable oil (soybean and palm, canola and/or cottonseed).”

She moved in with us a few years ago and now enjoys bacon and eggs, butter-basted T-bone steak (cut wafer-thin) and tears into a home-roasted chicken leg with gusto.

I used to enjoy Cook’s illustrated, the magazine with the black-and-white drawings, obsession with detail, and household tips. But in the latest issue (July and August 2020), Kate Shannon “highly recommended” seed-oil burgers from Impossible Foods and “recommended” Beyond Meat (p.27).

On page 29, “A.G.” asks “Should you cook with avocado oil?” (answer: it depends). It casually concludes with “the refined avocado oil we tasted from Wesley Farms cost $0.32 per ounce, compared with $0.12 per ounce for our favourite vegetable oil from Crisco.”


Shannon, K. (2020.) “Tasting Meat-free burgers.” Cook’s Illustrated.

Eggo waffles at

Low Carb Down Under at

Simply Steamers at


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