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Hangry May 18, 2020 Beware the Ides of March

At about week 9 of Stay at Home, I had a sense of déjà vu re self-isolation, because me and my little family have done this kind of thing before, when the kidling was nine years old, so sixteen years ago.

My husband was a co-owner of a thriving business, and one day in mid-March his friends (co-owners) decided to give him the boot. It was very unexpected, because things were going well.

I later read a “set the story straight” book, a daughter wondering why her father was voted out of his leadership position in their Mennonite church, where an aunt said, “Well, someone else wanted to be the Bishop, that’s usually how it goes,” and that sounds about right. So someone wanted to takeover as the new CEO with its attending attention and respect. But, turns out, you actually have to work to get that – my hubby took December 25 off every year. And some Friday afternoons, but he was on call 24/7.

I was working there too, so we both lost our livelihood. I decided to buy a 1976 seventeen-foot Boler for $5000 and as soon as the school year ended, me and my hubby and our kid went for a seven-week camping trip.

This Ides of March, I was laid off March 13 (teaching workshops, event planning and promotions) and all hubby’s consultations were cancelled as of March 16, 11 am (training and evaluating airline pilots). Now a lot of fellow citizens of the world are with us in our tiny travel trailer, wondering how long we can stay cooped up, questioning what kind of work there will be for us, seeking answers for why and how this all happened.

We travelled from northwest BC to southeastern Manitoba. We paused, coming out of Whiteshell Park. We could turn left and flee to eastern Canada, or turn right and face home and all the unknowns that waited for us in the future. I hope we can all turn west soon.


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