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Hangry May 23, 2020 Church Larder meals

From a church Facebook page yesterday, May 22 2020: “[We] completed our last day of Larder cooking for the summer on Wed. There are quite a few meals & soups in the freezer at this time. I want to just thank all the people who have in this 2019-2020 Larder year contributed help in the kitchen and supplies. We will get started again in Sept. If you have any of the black meal containers they can be dropped off at the church whenever the office is open. Thanks.

“MEALS: Maple Curry Chicken; Salmon, Western & Mild Italian Sausage Quiches; Hamburger Pies; Chili; Chinese Orange Chicken; Pork Chop Dinner; Meatloaf Meal; Hamburger Soup; Mac & Cheese, Cauliflower Soup and Salmon Pasta.”

I think these are classic comfort foods. I know they contain plenty of starch and/or sugar, such as maple syrup, sugar, pie dough, orange juice, more sugar, bread crumbs, brown sugar, ketchup, flour (to thicken soups) and noodles and more noodles.

These are frozen and available for sale to church members to take home and reheat.

We know that church populations are aging. According to Stats Canada, “Older Canadians are considerably more likely than their younger counterparts to attend religious services on a regular basis. In 2005, for example, 37% of all Canadians aged 65 and over attended a religious service at least once a week, whereas this was the case for just 16% of both those between the ages of 15 to 24 and 25 to 44.”  And in a more recent survey, “In 2003, seniors aged 65 and over represented 20% of members of religious-affiliated groups, a proportion that increased to 25% in 2013.”

Should we be encouraging citizens of any age to purchase — for a good cause — so many (hidden) sweets? In a study published March 31, 2020 Weina Guo et al concluded: “We found that COVID‐19 patients without other comorbidities but with diabetes (n = 24) were at higher risk of severe pneumonia, release of tissue injury‐related enzymes, excessive uncontrolled inflammation responses and hypercoagulable state associated with dysregulation of glucose metabolism.”

Don’t get me started on bake sales.


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